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Ride'n Surf - Bus Shuttle - Round Trip

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You always wanted to go southwards in an easygoing and comfortable way but you don`t have a car, no one gives you a ride or you`re just too lazy to drive yourself. Complicated travel itineraries, overpriced travel costs and long waiting times for a connection are just not part of your idea of a relaxed journey. The only thing you wanne do is grapping your board and get to the next waves, as fast as possible. Or maybe, you`re at the French Atlantic and you don`t have a clue how you and your board get back to Germany in a stress-free and affordable way.

We thus have the perfect offer! With freistil Ride `n Surf, we`ll get you safely and comfortably to the French Atlantic Coast and - if you want - also backwards. So, relax and enjoy the journey with our modern and air-conditioned coaches! Next stop - the longest European beach and its fun waves!

Included Services

From the beginning of June till the end of September, Ride `n Surf picks you up at one of the bigger cities in Germany (also see possible points of departure) and takes you directly to Moliets Plage! Once a week at Fridays (or Wednesdays), the Ride `n Surf Coaches leave southwards. On Saturdays (or Thursdays) you arrive at the wonderful beaches between Bordeaux and Biarritz, a surfers` paradise! To get back home, busses leave on Saturdays ( or Thursdays) and you arrive Sundays (or Fridays). For the days of departure/arrival see the bookable offers.

Guaranteed point of departure- thanks to transfers by train

No matter if you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland - to get to our camps won`t be a problem. The Ride `n Surf coaches start at every bigger city in Germany (and maybe Basel). As to assure that your journey will be as comfortable and short as possible, the bus itinerary is planned dynamically. That means the final travel route always depends on the number of bookings made for a particular place of departure. For everyone whose booked place of departure is not a stop of the final itinerary, we organize flight or train transfers to the best suitable Ride `n Surf stop. We`ll book a train transfer for you as to get you as quickly and safely as possible to the next stop on the Ride `n Surf line. The transfer-ticket will be emailed to you before your departure. Any costs for this transfer (organized by freistil) are already included in the services.
In general, freistil always aims to integrate the booked places of departure (or return) into the Ride `n Surf travel itinerary.
Have a good trip and enjoy your holiday!


age: from 16 years

Our general terms and conditions apply. For any details please see General terms & conditions .

Surfing Morocco

We finally present - surfing at Morocco!

Sweeten up your grey winter and get to know the unique surfer's flair of North Africa. A great number of diversified spots, exhilarating colours, exotic food and breathtaking accommodations will assure an unforgettable holiday.

Surfing - Portugal

Bemvindo at the place to surf - positive vibes and constantly good wave conditions guarantee a perfect surf holiday. Check out our Portuguese destinations at Peniche, Lourinha and Areia Branca where great waves, wide beaches and lots of summer fun will make your more than happy. Portugal - where the sun kisses the ocean!

Surfing - Spain

Living la vida loca! Feel the Spanish zest for life, see beautiful beaches and surf great waves that make every surfer's heart happy. Enjoy lots of endorphins and a fantastic surf holiday under the Spanish summer sun at our surf camps at Zarautz, Valdovinoand Gran Canaria. Y viva Espana!


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