General terms & conditions

01. Conclusion of the contract, prepayment
For the benefit of having a harmonic party, the organizer sets a high value on the compliance of the age limit of young travels. The registration/booking has to be made in written form via fax, email or booking formular at the internet. Participants aged less than 18 years need a signature of a legal representative or another instructed person. For the participant, the registration gets binding as soon as the organizer receives the written booking. For the organizer, the booking contract gets binding by sending a signed written confirmation back to the applicant.

After the conclusion of the contract and the transmission of the "insurance voucher" (paragraph 651k BGB), a prepayment of max 20% becomes due. The rest of the travel price needs to be paid 4 weeks prior to departure.

The travel price has to be payed at latest 30 days prior to the commencement of travel. If that is not the case, after previous notice the organizer has the right to bar the participant from the journey. In that case, the organizer has the right to call for a compensation amounting to half the travel price. The participant can provide proof, that he/she sustains a minor loss or no loss at all.

02. Services
The travel price includes the announced (website) services. The organizer does not assume the parental supervision of underaged clients. Any other agreements require a specific written confirmation of the organizer. The announced services (as a whole or partially) are subject to change. However, due to variations and changes of the predescribed services, the general value of the holiday must not be affected considerably.

03. Cancellation by the participant
The cancellation or the rebooking of a booked trip has to be made in writing. The participant has to pay a specific cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are based upon the travel price. The following cancellation fees apply:

up to 60 days prior to journey 50,00 Euro
from 59 to 30 days prior to journey 20% of the TP
from 29 to 15 days prior to journey 40% of the TP
from 14 to 7 days prior to journey 70% of the TP
from the 6th day prior to journey 100% of the TP (=travel price)

Thereby, the time of receipt of the cancellation letter is decesive for the mode of calculation.
Before the commencement of the travel, the participant can also either provide a replacement that meets the requirements of the organizer or rebook to another product (of the organizer). Therefor, a fee of 25,00 Euro gets due. The participant can provide proof, that he/she sustains a minor loss or no loss at all.

We recommend the conclusion of a travel cancellation expenses insurance.

04. Cancellation due to non-achievement of the minimum attendance
The taking place of the journey depends on a certain minimum attendance that usually averages 15 participants. However, for several offers the minimum attendance can differ. We therefore recommend taking note of the particulars of each offer's announced services. In case of not reaching the respective minimum attendance, the organizer has the right to cancel the travel contract not later than one week prior to departure. Payments (travel costs) that have already been settled by then will be refunded immediately.

05. Cancellation due to "force majeure"
In case that the journey cannot take place due to "force majeure" (like epidemics, thunderstorms, catastrophies, wars, strikes etc), the organizer has the right to cancel the travel contract with immediate effect. This also applies for the case of unacceptable conditions or danger for the client. Travel costs will be refunded to the client under consideration of the organizer's charges.

06. Travel exclusion
If any participant threatens the realization of the journey by constantly making trouble or even being a danger to himself or to others, the organizer has the right to cancel the travel contract (in case of underaged even without consulting the parents or legal guardians) and exclude the participant from the journey.

In addition, for every participant it is strictly forbidden to possess any weapons and to consume, hold or spread any kinds of illegal drugs. In case of vilating the above mentioned regulations, the organizer has the right (in case of under-aged even without consulting the parents or legal guardians) to exclude the participant from the journey. All costs incurred due to the disregarding of the bans will be paid by the accordant participant. The organizer's personnel are authorized to secure and destroy any weapons and illegal drugs. The participant abandons his right of property of the retained objects. Charges for the return journey are for the account of the client.

07. Liability of the organizer, cost-sharing, limitation of action
On the basis of the duty to take care, the organizer is liable for a precise preparation of the journey, a careful choice of service provider, accomodations and persons in charge and their control. The organizer is also liable for the correctness of the specified services and the proper provision of all services as contracted.

The organizer is not responsible for any misfortunes, any obstructions of traffic, delays, rest periods of coach drivers and any corresponding time shiftings or possible consequential costs that might occur for the participant.

The liability of the organizer for contractual claims of the participant/client for any non-physical damages is limited to the triple of the travel price. This regulation applies for the case that the damage on the participant has been inflicted neither intentionally nor grossly negligent. It also applies if the organizer is responsible for the caused damage to a participant due to the default of a service provider. For any damages self-inflicted, the client bears a cost-charing of 200,00 Euro per case of damage.

Any rights to remedy, reduction or indemnity (paragraph 651 c bis 651 f BGB) as well as any other contractual claims prescribe after one year from the day the journey ends (as contracted). Any other claims for indemnity beside paragraph 651 f BGB, that are not based on injuries of body, life or health, prescribe after 6 months from the day that the particpant has notice of the author of the damage and the facts causing the claim. Claims for indemnity also prescribe after 6 months if the client - without gross negligence- could have read up on the considering facts and be fully aware of them. When not taking cognisance of the facts, the claim prescribes after two years after ending of the journey.

08. Places of departure
For several trips you can book different places of departure. In case that the minimum attendance of 10 participants for a certain place of departure is not achieved, the organizer provides an alternative (to 4 days prior to departure).

09. Travel guidance
During the term of the journey, the participants are accompanied by well-trained personnel. Instructions of the team need to be obeyed. The services for underaged clients start with the departure and end with the arrival at the place of arrival.

10. Insurance and travel documents
Each client gets an "insurance voucher" (after paragraph 615k BGB) - please keep it safe. Additional insurances are - as long as not announced at the relevant services - not included in the travel price. Please obtain your baggage-, travel cancellation expenses- and extern health-insurance independently!
All travel documents will be passed on to the client 10 days prior to the journey.

11. Sports permit
By signing the contract, the legal representative or another authorized person (of the under-aged client) gives permission (to the client) to take part in sport activities (like swimming, water sports, hiking). Any participation in sport classes is at the client's own risk. Any adverse effects or non-agreements need to be communicated to the organizer in written form.

For renting motorbikes, clients that are not of full age do need an explicit written permission of their legual guardians.

12. Board
Catering services start with the arrival at the travel destination and end with the departure from it. When the booked services comprise catering at a restaurant, drinks are only included if announced at the service description. At our camping offers, clients could be asked to give a hand at the kitchen once or twice during their holiday.

13. Specific information
We advise our clients that a valid ID and a valid vaccination card always have to be carried with when travelling through Europe. When travelling to non-European countries, travellers need to take a valid passport in place of the ID. In case of not carrying those documents, the relevant country can deny entry. At the "exchange-days" when the arrival of the new guests and the departure of the leaving guests merge, the necessary cleaning and the proper preparation of rooms/tents might lead to delays of availability.

14. Use of pictures, use of data, data privacy
The client agrees to be photographed througout the journey at various activities and sport events. Furthermore, the taken picures can be used for commercial purposes of the freistil travel. This consent can be cancelled any time in written form. The client also agrees to the commercial use (e.g. market research, marketing) of his/her personal data (stock data). With regard to the registrated data of the clients, freistil as the organizer always acts in compliance with the regulations of data privacy and media law.
Particularly, personal data is kept in confidence. Again, this consent can be cancelled any time in written form. If so, the use of the client's data (as described in this paragraph) will not take place.

15. Invalidity of particular regulations
The invalidity of particular regulations of the travel contract or of the terms and conditions do not imply the invalidity of the entire travel contract.

16. Legal venue
The organizer can only be sued by the client at his registered office. For claims of the organizer against a client, the organizer's residence is decisive in the case that he claims against registered traders or persons that have shifted their domicile or their main residence to a foreign country after having signed the contract. The residence of the organizer is also decisive if the domicile of the defendant is unknown by the time of the contract conclusion or if the defendant is a juristic person of the public law.

17. Gift coupons
Any gift coupon giving by the organiser can only be honoured at The travel price will thus be reduced by the amount of the gift coupon's value. Depending on the booked product, only one gift coupon can be honoured. The gift coupon is only valid for one booking. In case the gift coupon has a higher value than the booked travel price, a payment of the balance is not possible. Neither a part of it nor the whole gift coupon can be paid in cash. It is not possible to belatedly offset a gift coupon against bookings that have been made in the past.

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